Alexander Kharlamov

 Alexander A. Kharlamov / Александр А. Харламов




I am not a photographer, I am an industrial engineer (MSc/BA) and researcher (MRes) by education, working on a PhD on visual analytics.




Images are not a business for me, I do it for pleasure and I do not depend on it. However, art is a vital outlet from my quotidian.

I choose who, when and how I shoot. I do not take commissions, but I do sell prints and image rights of my existing work.




I was born in Moscow, now I am 25.


Lived nineteen years in Aveiro (Portugal), then in UK.


Now, I am based south of Coventry (UK).




Never had formal education in photography. However, my education provided me with learning methods enabling my the self-learning process.

My non-professional background is about eight years of live studio painting and seven years of music in a conservatory, piano.




I shoot people, if I accept the shoot I never charge for it. I shoot very few times per year, time is limited.

If you are interested in posing for me, feel free to contact me because I am constantly looking for new people to work with.


I mostly shoot medium format black and white film and also digital.


Last years I've been developing an hybrid process, which mixes medium format film photography and digital painting done on a tablet, I do all the development, scanning and painting myself.




I am fluent in English, Russian and Portuguese: